Oklahoma gasoline prices have yet to respond to Russian invasion

More gas price increases likely, according to most analysts


Gasoline prices have yet to respond dramatically in Oklahoma and the rest of the U.S. to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The national average of $3.54 as of this week was 4 cents higher than a week ago while motorists in Oklahoma paid an average of $3.21 at the pump according to the American Automobile Association.

Oklahoma’s $3.21 average is only one cent higher than a week ago, 21 cents more than a month ago and 80 cents more than a year ago.

The highest county average in Oklahoma is $3.52 and belongs to Coal County in the southeast. At least 15 counties in the state have averages ranging from $3.29 to $3.52 per gallon.

Cotton County in the southwest is lowest at $2.99 per gallon. Prices in Lawton average $3.01, down a penny from last week.

Drivers in Oklahoma City pay an average of $3.17, one cent lower than last week at this time. Tulsa drivers pay $3.23 on average, one cent higher over the past week.

Oklahoma’s average compares to $3.25 in Kansas, $3.35 in Colorado, $3.48 in New Mexico, $3.21 in Texas, $3.20 in Arkansas and $3.22 in Missouri.

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The nation’s top 10 most expensive markets: California ($4.74), Hawaii ($4.51), Oregon ($3.98), Washington ($3.98), Nevada ($3.95), Alaska ($3.85), New York ($3.75), Pennsylvania ($3.73), Washington, D.C. ($3.72) and Arizona ($3.71).