BLM nominee likely to get split vote in Senate energy committee

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The showdown between Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford and other Republicans with Democrats over the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to head Biden’s Bureau of Land Management took another development on Tuesday.

Conflicting versions of tree-spiking case overshadow Stone-Manning  nomination

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin reportedly will vote for the nomination despite the face she lied to the committee about her eco-terrorism past in spiking of forests in Montana in the 1980s. A Manchin spokesperson said the Senator will support the nominee which will likely result in a deadlock in the committee.

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Sen. Lankford was joined by the other 9 Republicans on the committee last week in urging the President to withdraw the nomination. They pointed to an investigator’s letter which claimed Stone-Manning had been under investigation for her 1980s activism and also claimed she had lied to the committee.

The committee will meet Thursday at 8:30 Oklahoma time to consider her nomination as well as a number of others.