President Donald J. Trump Highway is an Oklahoma Reality

Former President Donald Trump is being honored in Oklahoma through renaming part of a state highway.

On Friday, Governor Stitt signed Oklahoma Senate Bill 624 which designates a section of State Highway 287 as President Donald J. Trump Highway. The stretch extends from Boise City to the Texas border in Cimarron County.

The new law calls for signs to be placed along the highway. The signage will be paid by the bill’s authors including Oklahoma State Senators Rob Standridge, Casey Murdock, J.J. Dossett, Nathan Dahm, Chris Kidd, David Bullard and Shane Jett as well as Oklahoma House of Representatives members which include Avery Frix, Eddy Dempsey, Toni Hasenbeck, Cynthia Roe and Sean Roberts.

The legislation also provides additional memorial bridge and highway designations. It also removes the state’s requirement that a person must be deceased no less than three years before a bridge or highway could be renamed in their honor.