Northern Colorado county commissioners put up ‘welcome’ sign to oil and gas firms

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Weld County, Colorado is considered the strongest energy county in the state and now its leaders have put up the “Welcome” sign to energy firms headquartered in Denver and other cities.

Weld County Commissioners even wrote an open letter to Colorado’s energy industry leaders urging them to move to their county where they will be met with open arms.

The county commissioners pointed out that many leaders of Denver want to ban domestic oil and gas production and it makes no sense to stay where they’re not wanted.

“We invite you to consider moving your office space to an energy-friendly county which values relationships built over time and your partnerships with our communities, schools and organizations,” the letter said. “We invite you to move your offices to Weld County.”

Weld County is also the site of a petition drive by some residents who want to secede from Colorado and become a part of Wyoming.

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