Lucas on Endless Frontier Act – The right intent but the wrong bill

Committees and Caucuses | Congressman Frank Lucas
Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas leveled another critical comment this week at the Biden administration’s Endless Frontier Act, one which he says doesn’t go far enough in development of more scientific research in the race against China.
Lucas, the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology didn’t think much of the Senate Commerce Committee’s markup of the Act, actions which were meant to improve provisions of the National Science Foundation.
“Unfortunately, today’s markup also featured a hodgepodge of amendments, many only tangentially related to strengthening American research,” said Rep. Lucas in a statement. “The bill is now weighed down with hundreds of special interest provisions and has no cohesive vision for the future of America’s research enterprise.”
Lucas criticized the Senate action by asserting that the bill only spreads billions of dollars around to serve “every special interest” and will not advance American innovation and “will not compete with China.”
He emphasized more efforts to accelerate research and development.
Rep. Lucas pointed to the work on the House side where he said a comprehensive and bipartisan legislation doubles funding at the NSF over five years and invests more than $72 billion.
Source: Lucas press release