Snow, freezes and tornadoes–all in one week in Oklahoma


A crazy and wild week of weather is in store for Oklahoma—one that includes possible tornadoes and snow—all in one looney forecast. Which should be a warning for us—winter is still with us, as much as we hope for an early arrival of spring.

State Climatologist Gary McManus, writing in his Monday predictions and observations about the whacky weather put it this way.

“So let me get this straight…we could see tornadoes and other fun severe weather modes Tuesday evening, then snow in the Panhandle that night into the next morning? Oh yeah, it’s definitely spring break in Oklahoma.”

McManus warns the Panhandle could get from a dusting of show or several inches of the white stuff by Wednesday. On the other end of the spectrum could be tornadoes Tuesday night.

He called it a “day to stay weather aware.”

By this time of year, gardeners are anxious about the last known freeze. McManus says northwest Oklahoma is likely to get a hard freeze both Wednesday and Thursday mornings.