Kansas school bus maker sees growing interest in its EV buses


School bus manufacturer Collins Bus, located in South Hutchinson, Kansas said it’s seen a rise in interest in its electric vehicle Type A buses across the U.S.

The first Type A all electric bus was recently delivered to Connecticut, the first ever in the state.

At the end of 2020, Collins took orders for eleven of the buses from California, New York, and Arizona and provided quotes for more than 40 buses in the first two months of 2021.

The company advertises that its EV school buses offer up to 85% operating and maintenance savings when compared to internal combustion engine counterparts.

The bus utilizes Motiv Power Systems™ Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis (EPIC®), based on the Ford E-450 platform. The system’s commercially proven battery packs are validated by millions of real-world miles.

“For over 50 years, Collins has provided world-class safety* and quality standards in school bus transportation,” said Chris Hiebert, Vice President and General Manager, Collins Bus. “With growing concern around greenhouse gas emissions, we are delighted to deliver innovative solutions in electric-powered buses to our customers.”