Sale results in water-well drilling plant closure in Enid


More than 90 workers are set to lose their jobs with the pending closure and sale of the GEFCO, Inc. manufacturing plant in Enid.

In a WARN notice to the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development as well to Enid Mayor George Pankonin, the company said the closure will occur because GEFO plans to sell the plant, a move that will result in a closure of the facility.

Bauer, Inc. is the intended buyer according to the WARN notice and 92 workers will lose their jobs. GEFO manufactures water well drilling equipment and oil equipment and the plant is located at 2215 S. Van Buren St. in Enid.

GEFCO’s Director of Human Resources, Chris Workman said the layoffs will occur between Oct. 2 and 16 of this year. Workman will be among those losing employment with the closure.

It was last year following the National Ground Water Association’s Groundwater Week event in Las Vegas that GEFCO’s parent company, Astec Industries Inc. announced plans to sell GEFCO. The sale announcement occurred before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the U.S. around March.

In a release announcing the plans, Astec CEO Barry Ruffalo said a sale “aligns with our vision for the future of Astec Industries.” That vision involves a tighter focus on that company’s core business: designing and manufacturing road building equipment.

Vince Trotta, Gefco president, says he looks forward to “the possibility of becoming part of an organization that more broadly participates and invests in the markets we serve.” He’s optimistic any potential buyer would retain Gefco’s 150 employees, who Trotta applauded for their dedication.