Calyx Energy III reports two gas wells in McIntosh County


Among completion reports filed on Friday with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission were those on two natural gas wells drilled on a single pad in McIntosh County.

Calyx Energy III LLC filed completion reports on the Edison wells drilled at 7 8N 13E which is east of the city of Wetumka and west of the Indian Nations Turnpike.

One well, drilled at a depth of 15,749 feet into the Mayes/Woodford formation produced 8,854 Mcf of natural gas. It had a November 2019 spud date with completion made in January 2020.

The second Edison well produced 9,246 Mcf of natural gas at a depth of 15,200 feet into the same formation. It too had a January 2019 spud date with completion in January of this year.

The wells are part of the company’s exploration in the Mississippi Lime in the eastern part of Oklahoma. The company states that it was one of the first to drill into the Mississippi Lime formation east of the Nemaha Uplift.

Devon Energy Production Company LLP filed completion reports on two wells, one in Blaine County and another in Kingfisher County.

The Centaur 7_6-15n-10w-5hx, drilled at 7 15N 10W in Blaine County had production of 1,599 barrels of oil a day and 2,953 Mcf of natural gas. The well had a December 2018 spud date with completion made in June 2019 at a depth of 20,968 feet into the Mississippian formation. The well site is about 6 miles northeast of the community of Greenfield.

Devon’s Kingfisher County well, the Cascade 14_23-16n-9w-5hx is located at 14 16N 9W or about 7 miles due south of the town of Loyal. It had production of 629 barrels of oil a day and 828 Mcf of natural gas. The well had a June 2019 spud date with completion made in October 2019 from a depth of 19,350 into the Mississippi-Lime formation.

EOG Resources Inc. filed an amended report on the Candi 2314111h well drilled 3 miles northeast of Blanchard in McClain County. The report was amended to correct the bottom perforation. The Candi is located at 23 8N 4W and produced 881 barrels of oil a day and 386 Mcf of natural gas when it was completed in June 2018 at a depth of 18,396 feet into the Woodford formation.