Oklahoma urges Musk to move his Tesla plant to the Sooner State

Hey Elon!  Oklahoma wants to talk with you about moving your Tesla operations out of California.

It’s the message Gov. Kevin Stitt and some legislators have after learning Elon Musk has filed suit against California after it refused to allow him to reopen his car manufacturing plant because of the coronavirus shutdown. They responded after Musk filed suit and threatened to leave California for Texas, Utah or other states.

Edmond Rep. Ryan Martinez was one of the legislators who issued an invitation to Musk.

“Oklahoma is a wonderful place to do business,” Martinez said in a public message to Musk. “We’ve got a low tax base, a low cost of living, great incentives and services and plenty of space to build a manufacturing headquarters and house all of your people.”

Martinez, the chair of the House Business and Commerce Committee, reiterated what Gov. Stitt said in his bid for the company’s move to Oklahoma, that Oklahoma is safely reopening businesses based on data of how many Oklahomans have the Coronavirus or are hospitalized vs. how many hospital beds and how much medical equipment the state has to respond to any growth in virus numbers. Oklahoma has seen a decline in positive cases of the virus as a percentage of total performed tests, keeping the state in compliance for federal guidelines for reopening.

Tesla manufactures a number of different electric-powered vehicles, solar panels and clean energy storage.

Source: House press release