Senator Inhofe urges Commerce leader to adopt oil import tariffs

Senator Jim Inhofe had a personal phone call this week with the Commerce Secretary in which he encouraged the adoption of tariffs to oil imports from Saudi Arabia and Russia.

The Senator spoke Monday with Secretary Wilbur Ross and the two discussed 232 national security tariffs including those on oil imports which have added to the dumping of oil on the global markets.

During the call, Sen. Inhofe emphasized the need to do more to punish the two nations. Given the overwhelming evidence of anticompetitive behavior, Inhofe argued it is time to apply tariffs. While Inhofe advocated for robust tariffs, he noted that even symbolic ones would have an impact by sending a signal to the Saudis and Russians to get more serious about providing stability.

It was a productive, positive call, and Inhofe and Ross plan to speak again soon according to the Senator’s office.

Source: Sen. Inhofe