Winter and spring storms to hit Oklahoma this week

It’s not officially spring in Oklahoma but the severe weather it typically brings—tornadoes, storms and flooding are a possibility this week. It’s something that energy industry workers should be aware of as they work on providing power for the state, whether it’s wind tower maintenance workers, utility crews or those working on oil and gas rigs.
The Oklahoma Mesonet’s State Climatologist Gary McManus says southwestern Oklahoma could see some of it.
“There will be a chance of severe weather, although those chances are pretty low. The bigger threat will be flooding, especially across parts of southwestern Oklahoma as we go through Friday night into Saturday morning,” he wrote in Thursday’s weather update.
A slight risk of tornadoes and hail was expected Thursday night in southeastern Oklahoma.
If that weren’t enough.
“We’re not done with winter just yet, especially in the Panhandle” added McManus.
Source: Oklahoma Mesonet