Energy news in brief

** Democrats on both sides of Capitol Hill are pushing to add climate change provisions to the third aid package for people and industries affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

** The Minnesota Supreme Court agrees to hear a case involving the environmental review of a utility’s proposed investment in a $700 million natural gas plant in Superior, Wisconsin.

** Oil and gas pipeline companies say the coronavirus outbreak has not disrupted operations as they follow business continuity plans. 

** Financial analysts say fracking and petrochemicals will be two industries hardest hit by the effects of the coronavirus as they will have difficulty paying down their massive debts.

** Tesla drivers recently displayed their cars outside of the Kansas City Auto Show after the event organizers blocked the company from participating because of its direct-sales model.

** A Washington state court upholds regulators’ rejection of permits for a proposed coal export terminal.

** Colorado’s top oil-producing county expects a $50M hit to its 2021 budget due to COVID-19 and the ongoing drop in oil prices.

** The possibility of recession combined with low oil prices threatens Wyoming’s already-depressed key industries — oil, gas, and coal.