Congresswoman was against frack ban bills before call by oil and gas industry group

It didn’t take the Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma to convince Democratic Rep. Kendra Horn to oppose fracking ban bills filed in Congress.

She had already taken a stance against them, according to Chris MacKenzie, Communications Director for the 5th District U.S. Representative.

“It’s just that you were the first person to ask us,” he said in a conversation with OK Energy Today. “No one else asked  about it.”

“I do not support this proposed ban on fracking,” said the Congresswoman in a statement offered on Tuesday in response to the Petroleum Alliance’s call for her to take a stand against the bills offered by Democrats Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

But unbeknownst to the Alliance, Rep. Horn was already against the bills offered in the U.S. House and the Senate. Horn was already very much aware of what the oil and gas industry had contributed to Oklahoma’s economic development. She also suggested, without specific references, that perhaps AOC and Sen. Sanders might have offered ban bills without the facts to support them.

“Our energy policies should be based on the facts and take a balanced approach to sustainability, job creation, conservation, and affordable energy for all Americans. Natural gas production is critical to American energy independence and is one of the most significant contributing factors in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.”

The move obviously pleased Petroleum Alliance chairman Dave Le Norman.

“We are pleased that Rep. Horn recognizes the detrimental effect a ban on hydraulic fracturing would have on the state of Oklahoma and our nation. We hope that she will continue to stand up to the radicals in her party who seek to shut down our state’s largest industry, endangering our energy independence and way of life.”


The story was not lost on our readers as one emailed us about a Channel 5 interview he had seen.

“I just watched kendra horn being interviewed with nothing but softball questions.   OKC’s tv news is a joke to get the “Oklahoma issues ” addressed by politicians. Thanks for your hard work to get these issues out to the public.”