Western Oklahoma yields big oil producer


Tulsa’s Unit Petroleum Company pulled off a big find in western Oklahoma with a well producing nearly 1,600 barrels of oil a day. It was well out of the STACK play.

The company reported the Saratoga 1720 1hx well, located at 8 14N 14W, about 3 miles southeast of the town of Thomas had production of 1,566 barrels of oil a day and 2,680 Mcf of natural gas. The completion report showed a spud date of April 2019. Drilling finished a month later and completion was made in July 2019 at a depth of 20,750 feet in the Red Fork formation.

Marathon Oil Company’s activity south of Lindsay in the SCOOP continues to prove successful as the Houston company reported two sister wells with production of nearly 2,400 barrels of oil a day. The Jewell Bia 0304 well, located at 4 3N 4W or 5 miles south of Lindsay had production of 1,859 barrels of oil and 1,213 Mcf of natural gas. It had a July 2019 spud date and drilling finished in August while completion was made in October at a depth of 21,198 feet in the Goddard formation.

The Jewell Bia’s sister well, the Seth Bia 0304 had production of 528 barrels of oil and 3,795 Mcf of gas. The spud date was in July 2019 and drilling was finished in October 2019 and completion made the same month at a depth of 22,325 feet in the Woodford formation. The combined production of the two wells was 2,387 barrels of oil a day.

Just a mile to the northwest of the Jewell and Seth Bia wells, Marathon drilled two more sister wells, the Collins 0404 and 0304 wells located at 5 3N 4W.

One had production of 453 barrels of oil a day and 4,560 Mcf of gas while the other produced 230 barrels of oil daily and 4,090 Mcf of natural gas.  The Collins 0404,according to its completion report had July 2019 spud date and completion came in November 2019 from a depth of 24,775 feet in the Woodford formation. The remaining well had July 2019 spud date and completion also came in November 2019. Production was from a depth of 19,468 feet, also in the Woodford formation, according to its completion report. Combined production from the two wells was 683 barrels of oil a day.