Redwolf hits six big sister wells in Grady County

Redwolf Operating LLC has apparently found a sweet spot in the SCOOP near the Grady County town of Alex as it reported at least six sister wells with combined oil production of nearly 3,700 barrels a day. But Marathon Oil, drilling south of Lindsay came up with one well that had production of more than 3,000 barrels of oil daily.

Redwolf’s six Adams 27-34 wells are located on a single pad about 4 miles north of Alex at 27 6N 6W and were deep wells—in the range of more than 24,000 feet, some approaching nearly 25,000 feet. The biggest producer had 718 barrels of oil a day along with 9,024 Mcf of natural gas at a depth of 24,334 feet into the Mississippian formation. Drillers had problems at one point as they reported pipe stuck at 17,646 feet. The completion report showed a spud date of October 2018 with completion in July of 2019.

Other wells had production of 505, 644, 633, 612 and 572 barrels of oil a day. Combined oil production was 3,684 barrels of oil a day while the combined natural gas production was a whopping 48,764 Mcf.

Marathon Oil brought in a Starfox 0304 1-7-6sxh well at 17 3N 4W or about 6 miles south of Lindsay in Garvin County. The well had production of 3,052 barrels of oil a day and 3,418 Mcf of natural gas out of the Springer formation at a depth of 23,743 feet. It had a June 2019 spud date. Drilling finished in July and completion was made in October 2019.

Marathon had another well at a site 5 miles south of Lindsay with production of 1,547 barrels of oil a day and 1,280 Mcf of natural gas. The Yoshi 0304 1-5-32sxh is located at 5 3N 4W. Its completion report showed the well had a May 2019 spud date and completion was made in October 2019 at a depth of 20,358 in the Springer formation.

Completion reports filed this week showed Continental Resources Inc. had four wells in Grady County. They were two sets of sister wells with one set at 7 4N 5W producing 142 and 127 barrels of oil a day. Completions were in October 2019. The second set, located at 18 4N 5W had production of 179 and 190 barrels of oil a day and completions were in October 2019

Gulfport MidCon LLC hit a Grady County well with production of 738 barrels a day and 6,367 Mcf of gas out of the Woodford formation at a site at 13 4N 6W.

Out in western Oklahoma, Citizen Energy iii LLC brought in three separate natural gas wells with production of 8,768; 8,240; and 3,553 Mcf of natural gas. The wells were located in Custer County.