Nice find for Red Wolf Operating in the SCOOP


The efforts of Oklahoma City-based Red Wolf Operating LLC in the greater SCOOP/STACK/Merge play areas  have resulted in five sister wells producing nearly 3,200 barrels of oil a day.

Completion reports filed this week with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission show Red Wolf Operating drilled five wells on a single pad at 27 6N 6W in Grady County with combined oil production of 3,179 barrels a day. But there was a lot of gas too. More than 40,000 Mcf of natural gas combined was produced from all five wells that are located about 4 miles north of the town of Alex.

The Adams 27-34 wells had spud dates in 2018 with completions made in the summer of 2019. The largest producer was in the Mississippian at a depth of 24,334 feet and spewed 718 barrels of oil a day according to its completion report. A second well produced 644 barrels of oil from a depth of 24,380 feet in the Woodford zone according to its completion report.

The third produced 633 barrels of oil from 24,730 feet also in the Woodford while the fourth well had production of 612 barrels of oil a day from a depth of 24,701 feet. The fifth well produced 572 barrels of oil a day from 24,482 feet in the Woodford.

Tapstone Energy’s efforts in Woodward and Dewey counties resulted in three wells near Seiling. One well produced 239 barrels of oil from a site 9 miles northwest of the city. Another well just one mile northwest of Seiling had production of 330 barrels of oil daily. Tapstone’s third well was in Dewey County and produced 185 barrels of oil daily from a site 4 miles southwest of Seiling.
Continental Resources completed 3 wells in Blaine County. One had production of 577 barrels of oil a day and 5,289 Mcf of gas at 1 16N 13W which is about 7 miles northwest of Watonga. Continental drilled two sister wells from a single pad at 2 16N 13W which is 8 miles northwest of Watonga.
The two Knutson wells had combined production of 1,241 barrels of oil a day from depths of more than 20,000 feet in the Mississippian zone.