Companies continue their search for oil and gas in Oklahoma

While there aren’t as many oil and gas rigs in Oklahoma, companies are still seeking new energy, as witnessed by the latest permits to drill.

Some of the latest permits to drill issued by the Corporation Commission show Continental resources will drill a well at 34 1N 1W in Garvin County.

Newfield Exploration Mid-Cont Inc. plans to drill three Kingfisher county wells at 12 6N 9W while Stone Creek Operating LLC will drill a Kingfisher County well at 26 19N 6W.

Polk BR Inc received a permit to drill at 31 19N 4W in Logan County. Kaiser-Francis Oil Company has a permit to drill at 12 7S 1W in Love county and SNR Northern Oklahoma Operating LLC received a permit to drill at 33 25N 1E in Kay County.