Keystone XL pipeline opponents forced to cancel “seeds of resistance” event

Environmentalists and opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska who started holding an annual “Harvest of Sacred Ponca Corn” event with hopes of ending the pipeline have been stopped.

Not by the courts. But by nature.

Bold Nebraska, the group formed to fight the Keystone pipeline announced it has canceled this year’s Harvest of Sacred Ponca Corn event because—- of the lack of corn.


“Due to climate-impacted Nebraska weather this year, the corn yield was extremely small,” announced the group in an email message.

Members managed to harvest what they could from the farm site chosen to held the events that started in 2014.

Ponca Sacred Corn 2019

The first planting was in 2014 and was held by “Pipeline Fighters” and the “Cowboy and Indian Alliance” of farmers, ranchers and Tribal Nations opposed to the pipeline. They planted the first Ponca sacred corn “Seeds of Resistance” in the patch of the proposed pipeline. It was also seen as a return of the Ponca’s sacred corn to the tribe’s ancestral homeland in Nebraska after a 137-year absence following the tribe’s forced removal from the state.