Iowa Senator threatens to get EPA Administrator fired

Iowa leaders remain angry over the EPA’s bio-ethanol waivers granted small refineries and one member of congress is threatening to get EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler fired if changes aren’t made.

The threat comes from U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst, a Republican who says the president told the EPA to make sure the promise is kept on what he requested.

“If we get to a point where the EPA is not following through on what the president has directed them to do — then we will have to hold them accountable,” according to Ernst. She says she will put the focus on EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. “If we don’t see that result — that 15 billion gallons — than I am ready to call for the resignation of Andrew Wheeler.”

Radio Iowa reported Ernst vowed to lobby the president on the issue if the EPA won’t listen. “Let’s make sure this gets done and if not, we’re going back to the president and say ‘Andrew Wheeler is the one who is not following through with your commitment to farmers — you need to get rid of him’,” Ernst says.

Those in the biofuels industry say up to 400 jobs at Iowa plants are at stake if the EPA’s doesn’t follow through. Four plants in Iowa have already temporarily shut down.

At least 31 waivers were granted this year but the list of those who received them remains sealed. A request by OK Energy Today to disclose the identities was denied earlier this year by the Environmental Protection Agency.