Lawyer to do double duty at Oklahoma Labor Department

Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn has appointed Don Schooler as Chief of Staff for the Oklahoma Department of Labor. In addition to his new role, Schooler will remain in his position as General Counsel for the agency.

“Don is an invaluable asset and has a wealth of historical knowledge of the agency. In addition to a commitment to public service, he is an exceptional manager with strong leadership skills” said Osborn.

Schooler has served as General Counsel for the agency for over ten years, serving under four different Labor Commissioners, and has more than 23 total years of public service. In addition to working for the Labor Department, Schooler was also counsel for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, working closely with its Public Utility and Telecommunications Divisions.  Prior to public service, Schooler had a private practice in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Schooler holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Oklahoma State University and a juris doctorate from the University of Oklahoma.