Regional haze improves around Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Despite the claims of environmentalists that environmental conditions are not improving in the nation, the Environmental Protection Agency says otherwise. In a new report, it states that air conditions are improving.

The same report also states that the Wichita Mountains in Southern Oklahoma, once a concern because of growing regional haze issues caused by coal-fired power plants in Texas has seen marked improvement.

“Overall trend: significantly improving,” stated the report. The EPA said the haze index which is used in determining the trend on clearest days dropped since 2000.

Two other monitoring sites in the state showed “possible improvement.” One was at Newkirk and the other at Stilwell, Oklahoma.

The EPA and other agencies including the National Park Service monitor visibility trends in 155 of the 156 national parks and wilderness areas.

The Environmental Protection Agency also stated that air pollutant emissions are declining nationwide and unhealthy air days shows long-term improvement.