Murphy plans to keep serving Oklahomans after election loss

Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy says even though she lost her bid to become the GOP nominee for Lt. Governor, she will continue to serve Oklahomans in any possible way.

After losing to Republican party strategist Matt Pinnell on Tuesday, Murphy conceded and called it a hard-fought and dedicated campaign.

“Thank you to all the Oklahomans who have shown me so much support. While travelling across the state during the last 13 months, I met so many incredible Oklahomans who care deeply about the future of our state.”
She went on to say it was time to address the roots of problems and to create lasting solutions.
“Going forward, I hope the next crop of leaders at the State Capitol will bring their best, put partisan politics aside, and do something different. While we came up a bit short tonight, I still believe Oklahoma’s best days are yet to come. Moving forward, I will continue to serve Oklahomans, both citizens and leaders alike, in any way that I can.”
Murphy has been a Corporation commissioner since January 12, 2009 when she assumed office after beating Democratic incumbent Jim Roth in a 2008 special election.
She is in her second term and formally announced her candidacy for Lt. Governor in July of last year.