Hunter wins GOP nomination for Attorney General

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, the man who succeeded Scott Pruitt and continued waging battle against Obama-era environmental rules pulled off the narrowest of wins Tuesday in a run-off for his party’s nomination.

He received 50.05% of the votes, edging Tulsa rancher and attorney Gentner Drummond who received 49.95%. Only 269 votes separated the two, according to the State Election Board.

Hunter received 148,354 votes while Drummond picked up 148,085 votes, just falling short of winning the runoff for the GOP nomination.

“I want to say that I respect the fact that democracy is sometimes a contact sport,” said the 62-year old Hunter Tuesday night. “And this primary was definitely that. This runoff primary.”

He also felt confident any recount would not change the results which will pit him against Democratic challenger Mark Myles.