Lankford encourages President to see trade tariff negotiations reach a success




Despite the impact of steel tariffs on Oklahoma companies, Oklahoma U.S.Sen. James Lankford is supporting the Trump administration and hoping its negotiations will “bring stability back to the marketplace.”

It’s what he indicated in his latest newsletter to colleagues following a meeting at the White House with President Trump and his staff to discuss the ongoing trade negotiations.

He called it a “significant step after the President reached agreement with the Commission President of the European Union to work toward zero tariffs, buy more American natural gas, purchase American soybeans and to wrap up trade disputes on cars, steel and aluminum  quickly.”

“I’ve continued to share with my colleagues and the Administration the direct impact the tariffs have made on Oklahoma families. For example, steel tariffs negatively impact manufacturing; the softwood tariffs are increasing the cost of new homes; the price of commodities has dropped over the past several months as farmers have lost markets or faced foreign tariffs. Newspapers are feeling the pressure since the cost of papers has increased dramatically. The list goes on. The United States is 25 percent of the world’s economy, which means we can, and should, be able to see to the other 75 percent of the world,” added Sen. Lankford.

“Free trade is good for our nation, good for our families, and good for our economy. I’m committed to ensuring that the Administration sees the negotiations through to bring stability back to the marketplace. CLICK HERE to read my statement following my meeting with President Trump and his staff,” said the Senator.

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