Laura Ingraham says it’s time to ‘drain the swamp’ and get rid of Pruitt at EPA

Now EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has conservative radio and tv talk-show host Laura Ingraham against him. She’s calling for him to be dumped by President Trump.

Her criticism of the former Oklahoma Attorney General intensified this week when she tweeted, “Pruitt is the swamp. Drain it.”

The tweet came after the Washington Post reported thiw week that a former Pruitt aide told congressional investigators Pruitt had asked her to help find his wife a job paying her a salary of at least $200,000.

There was a report by CNN of Pruitt keeping a secret calendar to hide controversial meetings.

As for Ingraham, a month ago she issued another critical tweet about Pruitt.

“PRUITT BAD JUDGMENT HURTING @POTUS. GOTTA GO: Pruitt had aide, GOP donors help his wife find job.”

But another report this week by MSNBC claimed that Pruitt’s former deputy chief of staff, Kevin Chmielewski who was fired in February stated he saw Pruitt pay back $600 to a young staffer after she had to use her own credit card for hotel rooms for Pruitt’s family during his swearing-in-ceremony celebrations.

Chmielewski is one of a number of whistle-blowers making claims to Congress.

So far, President Trump continues to stand behind Pruitt.