Tulsa’s PennWell company laying off more than 100 workers worldwide

Almost as old as the State of Oklahoma, Tulsa-based PennWell, a publishing and conference marketing firm is laying off at least 130 employees.

The company said staffing levels will go from 470 around the world to about 340. The loss of 130 jobs includes at least 100 in Tulsa.

The layoffs come just months after Londo-based Clarion Events bought PennWell.

“This was a difficult decision, but a necessary step to achieving our long-term vision. We will do everything we can to support our former employees. All affected employees locally and off site will be provided career transition assistance services, including personalized workshops and individual coaching,” said PennWell President and CEO Mark Wilmoth.

PennWell publishes more than 130 magazines and newsletters and handles conferences and exhibitions. its print and online content includes oil and gas and renewable energy.