Independent driller hits large producing well in Oklahoma’s STACK

An Addison, Texas energy company has the highest producing oil well reported in Oklahoma’s STACK in the latest round of completion reports.

Longfellow Energy’s Phyllis 35-04H well located about 5 miles east of Hennessey in Kingfisher County (35 19N 6W) had production of 1,225 barrels of oil a day when it was completed  late last year. The completion was just filed, indicating the well had a spud date in April of 2017 and drilling finished in May. Completion was made Sept. 7, 2017.

The privately owned oil and gas company was founded in 2006 by Malone Mitchell III. It describes itself as a small, family oriented, aggressive company with a substantial capital structure.

The Phyllis  was one of two Kingfisher wells completed by Longfellow Energy. The other had production of 408 barrels of oil a day.

The two were out of 8 Kingfisher county wells reported in the latest completion documents on file with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

A report of permits granted for new drilling indicated 11 more in the three counties that make up the STACK. Three each were issued for Blaine and Canadian counties while four were issued for new drilling in Kingfisher county.

Four permits were handed out to companies wanting to drill in Garfield county just at the northern edge of the STACK. Two were approved for Woodward county to the northwest and three were given for exploration in nearby Major county.

Five permits were okayed for drilling in Grady County in the SCOOP.