Water Board Hands Out $1.2 million in Water Improvement Grants

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board at its April meeting approved more than $1.2 million in funding for water and wastewater improvements to three government operations.

The largest, $1,033,500 went to the Pittsburg County Rural Water District #14 for improvement of the district’s water infrastructure. Construction of upgrades and improvements to the system will be financed by the Oklahoma Drinking Water State Revolving Fund along with $2,691,000 in other funds.

The district plans to construct nearly 9 miles of 8-inch potable waterline along with smaller sections with 6-inch and 10-inch potable waterlines. Three booster chlorination stations and three high service pumps will be included in the project.

Joe Freeman who is Chief of the OWRB’s Financial Assistance Division calculated the district customers will save $1,875,000 compared to traditional finance.

A Rural Economic Action grant of $99,999 was approved to the Ellis County Rural Water District No. 1. With 52 customers, the district has more than 30 miles of waterlines, two wells and a standpipe for water storage. The grant will help fund improvements targeting low pressure conditions.

The project will include installation of a 5,000 gallon pressure tank which will establish a pressurized water supply in the system at all times.

The OWR estimates the grant will save the district customers nearly $180,000 by not having to borrow the funds.


“We are grateful to Senator Casey Murdock for his continued support of water and wastewater infrastructure funding in Oklahoma,” said Julie Cunningham, OWRB Executive Director.

The third grant totaled $79,999 and went to the Alderson Public Works Authority in Pittsburg County. It will improve the Authority’s wastewater infrastructure.

The authority runs a sewer collection system with lift stations that serve more than 300 customers. But the lift stations are experiencing electrical problems. The funds will help pay for improvements as well as locking manhole lids.