KidWind Challenge Supported by Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power recently supported the Oklahoma KidWind Challenge in Norman, Oklahoma. Students from around the state participated in a wind turbine contest, winners were invited to the national competition.

The event wrapped up a year-long effort of education workshops for teachers and students sponsored by Enel Green Power. During the statewide challenge, 46 students took part designing, constructing and testing miniature wind turbines.

“I always like to tell kids that the wind industry is a very rewarding career choice and there are multiple opportunities in the Oklahoma area,” explained Cole Nelms who is assistant site supervisor at the Enel Green Power Red Dirt Wind farm that opened recently in Hennessey.

Nelms was a judge and mentor for the day.



·         Cole Nelms, assistant site supervisor at our Red Dirt wind farm in Hennessey (featured in news release) he’s wearing the green t-shirt

·          Phillip Edwards, site supervisor at our Drift Sand wind farm near Rush Springs

·         Trish Williams, field coordinator out of OKC

One of the lead instructors and challenge coordinators for the Challenge was the SpiritWind Kidz Ranch’s Kathy Jackson.

“With Enel’s support, not only financially but the personnel, tours, activities, engagement, all of it is phenomenal,” said Jackson. “We have an opportunity here in Oklahoma to do incredible things in our schools, organizations and communities.”

Girl Scout Troop 16 from Enid took part in the Kidwind challenge. The girls live near Enel Green Power’s Chisholm View wind farm.

“You need to work on math a lot,” said Mairanny Acosta, age 11. “Building our turbine was fun. I like it because it goes fast and teamwork, we all got to help each other.”