Lower Natural Gas Prices Results in Lower OGE Utility Bills in April

OG&E announced Wednesday that it will lower its monthly fuel cost recovery effective with the first customer billing cycle in April. On average, residential customers in Oklahoma will see a reduction of $13.34 per month.

The company said the fuel cost reduction stems from lower cost for natural gas, which is used to generate electricity, and a significant decrease in energy grid congestion, which increases the cost of power.

“We believe these lower congestion costs are a result of new technology that has improved the flow of electricity on the grid. We also recently completed construction of a high-voltage transmission line into northwest Oklahoma, which further alleviates wind-related bottlenecks,” said OG&E spokesman Brian Alford.

The cost of fuel used to generate power is passed on to customers without any profit to OG&E, and the amount appears as a line item on customer bills. The company periodically reviews its fuel cost to ensure that it is neither over- or under-collecting from customers.