Chickasaw Nation Expands North Carolina Technology Firm

Oklahoma’s Chickasaw Nation decided it would rather expand one of its out-of-state operations in North Carolina rather than move the industry’s headquarters to Oklahoma.

The engineering design company Corvid Technologies LLC instead will remain in the Charlotte-area town of Mooresville where about 90 workers are employed. Corvid was acquired by the Chickasaw Nation in 2015 and will expand to more than 350 employees in the coming five years.

The tribe’s Chickasaw Nation Industries, based in Norman, Oklahoma considered moving the operations of the subsidiary but in the end opted to remain in North Carolina.

The company is a modeling and simulation firm that has Pentagon clients including the Missile Defense Agency and Special Operations Command. As a result of remaining in North Carolina, the company could receive up to $13 million in state and local tax breaks as well.

The average wage of workers at the company is more than $110,00 compared to the average $48,000 annual salary of Iredell County residents.