Newfield Sees Continued Improvements in STACK and SCOOP

While Houston-based Newfield Exploration was reporting profits in the second quarter, it was also offering details of its operations in Oklahoma’s STACK and SCOOP plays.

As OK Energy Today reported, the company recently completed several wells in Blaine county in the STACK. But in the company’s second quarter financial statement, Lee Boothby, Newfield Chairman, President and CEO offered further details of its intense drilling operations there.

The company completed its fourth operated pilot on increased density spacing. The Stark pilot initiated production from nine infill SXL wells in the Meramec.

“The Stark infill wells, which averaged 1,211 BOEPD over the 30-day period are being produced with controlled flowback operations to minimize draw-down and maximize oil recovery,” stated the company.

The report also indicated Newfield had taken steps to learn more data about the STACK, collecting data on multiple infill well spacing scenarios. It also intends to test 10 and 12-well spacing in the STACK with production results from the pads expected late this year or early next year.

In Oklahoma’s SCOOP, Newfield reported  “continued improvements” which allowed tighter density in the Woodford with 5-6 wells per spacing unit compared to 8-10 wells per spacing unit today. It recently turned seven Tina infill wells with a 17% higher 30-day average production of 1,708 BOEPD. The production compared to previous developments with four to five infill wells a section with an average of 1,462 BOEPD.

“We are on target to deliver the key objectives within our 2017 business plan and we expect to enter 2018 with strong momentum across the company,” said Boothby. “The advancements we are demonstrating in more mature development plays like SCOOP and the Bakken, are great examples of where we are headed in STACK.