Tulsa Company Forced to Use Eminent Domain in Pipeline Construction


One of the latest fights against a pipeline is taking place in northwest Georgia where work is underway on what’s called the Dalton expansion project. It’s being built by Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Co. LLC, a subsidiary of Williams Partners LP of Tulsa in conjunction with Atlanta-based Dogwood Enterprise Holdings Inc.

In this case, TRANSCO is using eminent domain to acquire the rights to some of the property, according to the Daily Tribune News in Cartersville, Georgia.

The company is in the process of constructing a 112-mile pipeline transporting natural gas to the southeastern U.S. One landowner went to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and won a stay but when the stay expired, bulldozers entered his property.

When Tim Denson ordered workers off his property, TRANSCO threatened to file contempt of court charges against him, so he relented.


“I feel like I have been violated. My civil rights has been run over. They have not gave us one red cent. They won’t work with us. I offered to let them run the pipeline if they would run it right against the property line and not ruin my piece of property, but they are doing whatever they want; tearing up whatever they want. It’s like dealing with the mafia.”