Oklahoma might not be finished with severe weather this week


This map, courtesy of the Oklahoma Mesonet State Climatologist Gary McManus shows what Oklahoma might experience again after weekend tornadoes left four dead, dozens more injured and a handful of cities in shambles.

McManus noted in his Monday report that severe weather could strike again on Tuesday as well.

“—just not quite as hazardous as Wednesday. But then again, Wednesday doesn’t look nearly as hazardous as Saturday did.”

He noted that so far for 2024, Oklahoma has had more than 30 tornadoes which is already more than the January-April average of 17. And May is ahead.

“We’ve seen above normal tornado years 11 out of the last 14, including our all-time high of 149 back in 2019, so here’s hoping we keep that number at 11!” wrote McManus.

While the severe weather brought death and destruction, it also dumped a lot of rain in certain sections of the state and helped ease drought problems. As the map below shows, some places received more than 6 inches of rainfall.