Inhofe Boldly Declares Again—Man-Made Climate Change is a Hoax


Already with a reputation of being a climate change ‘denier’, Sen. Jim Inhofe took to the senate floor again this week to again refute claims of ‘man-made’ climate change. And he also leveled accusations against President Obama of spending billions without authorization on climate-change programs.

“The hoax is that some in the far left believe man controls changes in the climate and we’ve endured eight years of an administration that buys into the alarmists’ mentality that the world is coming to an end due to man-made gases. That’s the hoax,” said the Senator in a lengthy speech.

He went on to charge that the Obama administration used climate change as a justification for taking unauthorized actions, such as the Clean Power Plan as a scapegoat for failed policies.

“Despite the administration’s efforts, as research and data around the climate change continues to improve, the results do not support their claims but instead call them into question,” said Inhofe.

The Senator went on to charge the Obama administration spent $120 billion in unauthorized funding on climate change issues.

“This was a total waste of money! Money we need to defend American,” said Inhofe, citing the $120 billion figure from the Congressional Research Service.


Listen to his opening comments.