Koch’s Money Helps Volunteer Fire Departments in Oklahoma and Nation

While Koch companies are often criticized for their conservative political involvement, they also contribute thousands to worthy causes, such as the more than $500,000 donated so far this year to 107 fire departments in cities and places where the companies operate, including those in Oklahoma.

The $543,000 was given in the form of grants and in-kind donations, earmarked for equipment and training. The contributing companies include Koch Nitrogen Company in Enid where money was given to help fund the Enid Fire Department Training tower at the Autry Technology center. The nitrogen division of Koch also supported the City of Beatrice Fire Department in Nebraska, the Wolsey Fire Department in South Dakota and the Green Mountain Fire and EMS in Iowa.

Koch’s Georgia-Pacific Bucket Brigade awarded $235,500 in grants across 50 fire departments this year. It’s given more than $1.5 million to fire departments across 30 states since the program was launched in 2006.

And through Koch’s Helping Heroes program, Filnt Hills Resource and Koch Pipeline Company have awarded more than $137,000 to 30 fire departments across 17 Texas counties.

“We recognize the commitment to protecting communities that firefighters demonstrate each day and our contributions are aimed at supporting and equipping these men and women who put themselves in harm’s way,” said Jim Mahoney, executive vice president of operations excellence and compliance. “Many Koch company employees serve as volunteer firefighters, playing an important role in keeping their communities safe, and we are proud to offer our apprecation and support in return.”