Texas is among world’s top oil producers


If Texas were a separate country, it would be the third largest oil producer in the world.

It was the focus of an interesting part of the daily column produced by economist Steve Moore and his Committee to Unleash Prosperity.

Moore recently wrote that the claim was verified by the latest annual oil prodution figures from the EIA.

“Since 2019, Texas has outproduced every country in the world besides Russia and Saudi Arabia,” he wrote.


Moore continued, “It’s impressive evidence of the great ingenuity of the industry that production has risen in recent years even with the onslaught of anti-oil policies from the Biden administration. But we do have to note how much more quickly Texas oil production was rising when Trump was president – which also happens to be when Texas passed Canada, Iraq, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates in production.  Venezuela is no longer a top oil producer, but we included them here as a cautionary tale.”

Source: Committee to Unleash Prosperity