Cole faces White House challenge over military construction bill


Despite being supported by Oklahoma’s US House delegation, a bill passed by the House Appropriations Committee to fund military construction at Oklahoma’s military installations, the White House indicates it might veto the bill.

The White House apparently raised concerns about “partisan” amendments targeting LGBTQ Americans and access to abortion.

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole chairs the committee and defended its passage, calling it “a testament to our dedication to caring for those who selflessly served our nation, supporting our military families, and strengthening America’s defense.”

The more than $147 billion legislation was approved by the Appropriations Committee on a 34-25 vote on May 23.

“House Republicans are again wasting time with partisan bills that would result in deep cuts to law enforcement, education, housing, health care, consumer safety, energy programs that lower utility bills and combat climate change, and essential nutrition services,” White House officials said, according to The Hill.

What’s in the bill that drew the ire of the White House? One provisision would stop the Biden administration from closing the Guantanamo Bay U.S. naval base in Cuba where about 30 prisononers are still held from the war on terror. President Biden wants to shut down the prison and return home many of the inmates.

Another provision in the bill that the White House is upset about is a restriction on the VA to allow veterans to have more access to abortion counseling.