Oklahoma gas prices—still some of the cheapest in the region


It may not feel like it, but Oklahoma has some of the lowest gas prices in the region.  Only Arkansas gas is cheaper in the six states surrounding Oklahoma.

Although gasoline inventories were up nationwide, they actually fell in the Midwest.

Pump prices in the Sooner State averaged three dollars, 20-and-a-half cents a gallon Thursday.  That’s up two cents from Wednesday and up a nickel over the last month.

The national average according to GasBuddy.com is $3.67 a gallon.

Averages (from lowest to highest) from surrounding states:

Arkansas              $3.186

Oklahoma           $3.205

Kansas                 $3.21

Colorado $          $3.233

Missouri              $3.29

Texas                    $3.296

New Mexico        $3.322