Lankford remains critical of taxpayer subsidies for electric vehicles


Oklahoma U.S. Sen. James Lankford touched on a couple of energy issues in a recent newsletter to his supporters, including “Stopping Tax Credit for Expensive Electric Vehicles.”

“The Biden Administration loves giving Americans’ hard-earned tax money away to his preferred voters. The latest examples are his tax breaks for luxury electric vehicles and free charging stations,” wrote the Republican Senator.

He recently introduced a bill to end the federal tax credits for EVs and EV charging stations, saying taxpayer money was being used to prop up the purchase of luxury electric vehicles for high-income individuals and corporations.

“I’m not against electric vehicles, but we don’t need to subsidize them with federal tax dollars as our debt continues to skyrocket,” stated the Senator.

On another issue, the Senator discussed the importance of protecting AM radio.

“Emergency alerts save lives, and AM radio ensures drivers can hear them as soon as possible. If you’re on a road trip, in a tractor, or driving to work, you shouldn’t be blocked from accessing news, music, sports, or weather because of the kind of car you drive.”

He’s proposed a bill called the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act to keep AM radio in cars across the country. The measure would require automakers to maintain AM broadcast radio in their new vehicles at no additional charge.

” There’s no reason for getting rid of AM radio in cars as we add other types of services, so we’re making sure the Biden Administration’s push to do that is unsuccessful,” explained the Senator in his constituent newsletter.

“You may never use AM radio, but if a storm hits and knocks out cell and broadband service in your area, you will be glad that old school AM radio is still there to give you emergency information.