Justin Hornback formally announces Corporation Commission candidacy

Justin Hornback formally announced this week his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. He is one of five candidates to succeed Commissioner Bob Anthony who is term-limited and one of the three candidates for the GOP nomination.

He describes himself as a “seasoned energy industry veteran” with two decades of hands-on experience. Hornback’s announcement stated he spent 20 years “immersed in the complexities and challenges of the energy sector.”

He ran in 2022 for the Corporation Commission seat won by former state senator Kim David. His background includes time as an organizer for Local Union 798 in Tulsa. Hornback is also a certified welding inspector and a specialist in safety and health.

His announcement said Hornback’s experience as a worker from one of the largest industries regulated by the Corporation Commission sets him apart from his opponents.

“I’ve known Justin Hornback through our involvement in regional energy conferences and the Market Development Committee of a State Oil and Gas Association,” said former colleague Sandy Spencer.

“In the oil and gas industry, he’s shown dedication to infrastructure development and has effectively navigated complex challenges like permitting obstacles. Justin’s leadership helped secure crucial permits for local projects, demonstrating his ability to mobilize stakeholders and drive collaboration.”

The announcement pointed to his hands-on exerience in the energy industry with extensive knowledge in transmission pipelines, energy generation, regulations, and safety. His background includes working directly with regulatory commissions and lawmakers to secure pipeline permits, showcasing his capability to address Oklahoma’s regulatory challenges.

Hornback said he won’t accept PAC donations and endorsements as part of his pledge to the importance of transparency and open and honest communication with the public.

“Together, through open communication, we can work towards a more inclusive and responsive energy regulatory framework that serves the needs of all Oklahomans,” said Hornback.

The Republican Primary for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission is set for June 18th, with early voting beginning on June 13th.

Hornback is one of three candidates for the Republican nomination. Two others include former State Sen. Brian Bingman and long-time industry journalisst Russell Ray.

Chad Williams is a candidate for the Libertarian party and Harold Spradling filed as a Democrat. Each is the only candidate in their party.