Energy Workforce agrees with House GOP Representatives critical of Energy Secretary

An oil and gas group agreed with Kentucky U.S. Rep. James Comer who recently blasted the Biden administration during a committee hearing where Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm testified about the administration’s effort to promote electric vehicles.

Energy Workforce & Technology Council President Tim Tarpley targeted Granholm for not offering more details about the LNG export freeze put into place by the White House.

“Five months into the Administration’s LNG export permit ‘pause’, Secretary Granholm has yet to provide clear answers to the American people and our allies on the duration of this review or its specific scope,” stated Tarpley.
“This lack of transparency is deeply troubling given current geopolitical tensions and the increasing worldwide demand for reliable energy.”
He went on to contend the energy services sector deserves a definitive timeline and full understanding of the factors evaluated in the LNG export analysis.
“Prolonged uncertainty risks undermining investor confidence and jeopardizes projects vital to national energy security. The American people have a right to know when this ‘pause’ will end.”
Tarpley’s organization is a national trade association forthe global energy technology and services sector and represents 650,000 U.S. jobs in the technology-driven energy value chain.
Granholm also faced harsh criticism from House Oversight Committee Chairman, Rep. Comer and other Republicans who charged President Biden launched a war on domestic energy producers with his climate agenda.
“President Biden and his Administration, including you as the secretary of the Department of Energy, have taken several actions to make the United States less energy independent, including by trying to shut down American fossil-fuel production.”
Comer had additional criticism.
“President Biden and the Secretary should not be prioritizing foreign energy over American energy when we have the natural resources and producers to be energy independent. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has pursued policies that have jeopardized economic opportunities, threatened U.S. energy security and national security, raised energy costs on Americans, and hurt American small businesses.”