Colorado launches geothermal energy development


The governor of Colorado wants the state to do more toward development of geothermal energy.

That’s why Gov. Jared Polis recently announced the award of $7.7 million to 35 different projects through Colorado’s Geothermal Energy Grant Program.

The goal of the program is to advance the deployment of zero-emissions efforts in the state.

“We’re really trying to help the state play a role in innovating and catalyzing these investments in geothermal energy to tap the heat beneath our feet,” Polis said. According to The Hill, the program will award $3.57 million to fund studies and buildouts of thermal energy networks while another $3.22 million to go toward geothermal electricity exploration and drilling and testing projects.

Two years ago, Oklahoma kicked off its geothermal development after the University of Oklahoma was one of four nationwide schoolsto receive up to $8.4 million from the U.S. Department of Energy. The funding started a program to establish new geothermal energy and heat production from abandoned oil and gas wells. The University launched a program to produce heat from an oilfield for use in Tuttle Elementary and Middle Schools.


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