$1.2 billion solar farm to be built near Cheyenne, Wyoming

South Cheyenne rancher Ed Prosser looks north of his farmland off of Chalk Bluff Road where 1.2 million solar panels will be visible after Canadian energy giant Enbridge builds the $1.2 billion project starting next year.


A billion dollar solar farm is in the works of southeast Wyoming.

Actually, the estimated price is $1.2 billion and it will consist of 1.2 million panels to product electricity for out-of-state firms. The Enbridge project is called the Cowboy Solar Project and it will take up 5,400 acres of ranchland and take up to two years to complete near Cheyenne.

According to the Cowboy State Daily, the 771-megawatt solar facility will generate enough electricity to power 771,000 homes, more than in all of Wyoming.

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