Western Oklahoma faces possible severe weather on Wednesday including large hail


Western Oklahoma is the apparent target zone for some of the latest severe weather threatening the state.

Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus wrote this week, “The setup is nothing like last weekend, however. The threat will be a bit more substantial Wednesday, but tornado risk will still be considered “low,” at least at this time.”

What looms bigger than the threat of tornadoes is the threat of large hail, something that wheat farmers don’t want to hear about this time of year.

The National Weather Service in Amarillo warned that hail the size of a billiard ball could be possible in the Texas Panhandle on Wednesday.

The Weather Service in Norman stated it verified at least 25 tornadoes in Oklahoma on Saturday and the tornado that hit Mariett was an F-4.

The picture below displays the severe damage to the Dollar Tree warehouse adjacent to Interstate 35.


The Weather Service said the Marietta tornado was also the first to produce EF4 damage in Oklahoma since May 9, 2016. A 2022 tornado in McCurtain County was rated EF4 only because of damage in Texas but not in southeast Oklahoma.

The same weekend storms produced up to 8.75 inches of excessive rainfall that produced severe flash flooding in some parts of the state. Hail as large as 3 inches in diamete was also reported and verified.