Solar eclipse produced millions in tourism revenue for Oklahoma



The solar eclipse that attracted visitors to Oklahoma also brought in an estimated $42 million in tourism revenue reported the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

The figure is based on attendance of nearly 123,000 visitors to seven state parks who came to view the full or partial totality of the eclipse. The Tourism Department said the visitor activity generated about $7 million a day in econmic activity or $42 million from Thursday, April 4 through Tuesday, April 9.

“Oklahoma was the best place in the country to watch the 2024 total solar eclipse,” said Shelley Zumwalt, Secretary of Tourism, Wildlife & Heritage and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

“Visitors from over 40 states and multiple countries chose to experience the eclipse in one of our State Parks and generated an estimated $15 million. Events like the eclipse underscore the region’s capacity to attract and sustain substantial visitation, particularly as travel and tourism for experiences is on the rise. We’re looking forward to building on this momentum to bring even more visitors to Oklahoma.”

The total eclipse was best viewable in the state in the southeastern part of Oklahoma.