Regulators quiet about latest criticism of another one-page audit of storm costs


Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners Todd Hiett and Kim David did not immediately respond to the latest filing by Commissioner Bob Anthony critical of a one-page audit of the bond costs by Public Service Company of Oklahoma regarding its bond costs to cover 2021 storm costs.

But a day later, both Hiett and David let Brandy Wreath, Director of Administration for the Commission, do their talking. Neither issued a specific statement or response and instead referred OK Energy Today to the April 3 filing (BrandyWreathAuditResponse) made by Wreath in response to Anthony’s criticism of the first one-page audit filed over OGE’s winter storm costs.

“The attached filing in response to numerous filings by Commissioner Anthony explains the processes surrounding winter storm Uri and accountability of the entities involved. Despite its clarity, Commissioner Anthony continues to waste taxpayer resources with yet another filing that misleads ratepayers and mischaracterizes OCC compliance with state law,” stated Hiett.

In it, Wreath defended the one-page audit and accused Anthony of impugning the name and work product of the Commission’s Public Utility Division employees. He further claimed Anthony’s statements were “used out of context, which has become the norm” and were meant to “sow distrust and distress.”

“In my non-legal opinion, repeatedly claiming these employees
are misrepresenting their conclusions is bullying and needs to stop,” asserted Wreath, who signed his filing “#GOBEKIND.”

He further said the “baseless allegations” of widespread criminal obstruction, whitewash and coverup are getting old.”

Wreath claimed the allegations are also costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.

“However, we will continue to fulfill our duty to focus on service
excellence and kindness, even in the face of unwarranted name-calling, nonstop insults and attacks on a weekly basis.