Judge allows oil and gas association to intervene in New Mexico lawsuit


The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico is being allowed to intervene in a lawsuit brought by environmentalists who contend the state has failed its duties to protect residents from oil and gas pollution.

A state district court judge recently ruled the Association can intervene because the industry could be directly affected by the outcome of the lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity. An attorney for the Center disagreed and maintained the Oil and Gas group does not have legal standing to intervene.

The lawsuit was not against any oil and gas firms but against state agencies who stand accused of violating the state constitution.

“This case targets the action and inaction of the state and the harms that the state has caused plaintiffs by authorizing oil and gas production. Plaintiffs have not sued private companies, or private actors because private actors cannot violate the constitution,” stated the attorney according to a report by the New Mexico Political Report.

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