Energy quick reads

** – Jamie Dimon said US delays of liquefied natural gas projects were done for political reasons to pacify those who believe oil and gas projects should simply be stopped — a position he calls “wrong” and “enormously naïve.” The head of JPMorgan Chase & Co. made the comments Monday in his annual shareholder letter, in which he touted replacing coal with natural gas as one of the best ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for the next few decades.

** A former Vice President of the Arkansas trucking firm, J.B. Hunt has sued the company over his 2023 firing, claiming he was terminated because he is white and opposed the company’s discrimination against white men. Ryan Waters contends he was sacked after he admonished his supervisor for discriminatory hiring practices.

** Norfolk Southern Railway has reached a $600 million settlement over the East Palestine train deraillment. If the court approves the settlement, all class action claims within a 20-mile radius of the derailment will be resolved.

** U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday said she would not rule out any measures, including potential tariffs, on China’s green energy exports. “I wouldn’t rule out anything out at this point. We need to keep everything on the table,” she said in an interview with CNBC’s Sara Eisen.

** As calving season reaches its mid-point, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported on Monday that another calf was killed by a wolf, this time in Jackson County,. olf tracks were found in the area on Sunday, along with a dead calf with a partially consumed hindquarter.

** The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe prepares a legal argument to shut down the Dakota Access pipeline that claims the operator’s environmental record should prevent it from obtaining a crucial easement.


** Ukraine is ramping up attacks on Russian oil refineries in a campaign that has damaged Moscow’s most important source of revenue. Ukraine’s forces have struck oil refineries deep inside Russia at least 12 times during the war, disrupting at least 10 percent of Russian refining capacity, according to the British Defense Ministry.

** Russia has reportedly asked Kazakhstan to supply it with petrol as Ukrainian attacks on its refineries force it to import gasoline. Kazakhstan has been asked to set up a reserve of 100,000 tonnes of gasoline, equivalent to 845,000 barrels, to supply Russia should shortages arise, Reuters reported.

** The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) in Ukraine was damaged Sunday in a drone attack, the United Nations’ energy watchdog said, as both Russian and Ukrainian officials denied responsibility for the strike and accused the other of carrying it out.

** Six northern Europe countries bordering the North Sea said Tuesday that they have signed an agreement to work together to protect underwater infrastructure in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean from an increased risk of sabotage.